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Review Your Old Pensions

There’s a good chance that you have several pensions, maybe from former employers, maybe you’ve even set up a few personal pensions along the way.

Technology has improved the features of pensions, a modern personal pension can have a choice of tens of thousands of investment funds, whilst your older pensions could have very limited choices, and very possibly high charges.

All too often we find pensions that are desperately under performing.

We can conduct a review of any pension and, if appropriate, we can transfer them into a new and modern pension that meets your current and future needs, serving you better and working harder for your future financial success.

Are YOU Planning for a Wonderful Retirement?

What does your ideal retirement look like?

Are you heading in the right direction?

We will be glad to help you achieve financial success and live your ideal retirement by designing your plan, and advising you what action to take. Simply call 01543 226 177 or contact Alan Cox, Chartered Financial Planner, our pension specialist on 07963 642 766.

Below we talk about the need to constantly monitor your pensions, and further down we discuss the need to seek financial advice when you retire.

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If you take nothing more from this page please take note:

If you are in the run up to retirement SEEK ADVICE FROM A CHARTERED FINANCIAL PLANNER who provides independent and whole of market advice.

Too many people simply tick a box on their retirement forms unaware of their open market option. With so many retirement options to choose from, it really does pay to seek professional advice; then you will see how much extra you could receive from your pension. Ask Alan for his advice.

Pension Transfer Specialist; we have 7 other financial advisers referring their clients to us for specialist pension advice. We work with divorcees with regards to PENSION SHARING ORDERS. Are you worried that your pensions are not working...... we review all pensions including occupational schemes. We can help you get the most out of your pensions.
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Pensions & Divorce

As part of a divorce settlement, it is possible to receive a “Pension Sharing Order”. Essentially, this is a share of your ex-spouses pension fund, which you will be expected to transfer into a pension arrangement of your own.

You may already have your own pension or you may not; we will help you ensure that your share is dealt with correctly.

If you require more information or advice please contact us on

01543 226 177 or email

Alternatives to Pensions

Pensions are of course very tax efficient, however, with tax efficiency comes some compromise.

There are alternative options that are tax efficient.

Contact us for more information:
01543 226 177 or email

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